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Adorable Garden Gingerbread House

This place is a gem! SO CUTE! A remodeled 1930's cottage....that Jimi Hendrix stayed in when he was on Maui in 1970 to film Rainbow Bridge. Beautiful, quiet...REAL Maui! Recently remodeled, very cute! It is lined with cedar on the inside so it smells delightful when you walk in.... The Gingerbread House is a studio cottage with a kitchenette (toaster

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Sandbanks Group Camping Adventure

Visit the pride of Prince Edward County, with its rolling sand dunes and temperate clear waters. You'll be left grinning from ear to ear as the city line disappears. Guests will have the opportunity to hike, swim, and either canoe/kayak or go wine tasting. No preparation needed, no equipment, not even a sleeping bag or pillow. Lake Fever offers budget

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2Day Algonquin Group Camping Adventure

Welcome to the land of a thousand lakes, rocky ridges and strawberry sunsets. Join us for 2 days to explore the sheer vastness that is Algonquin Provincial Park, and you'll experience the natural beauty that people have been talking about worldwide. At Algonquin, campers should be prepared to swim sun-kissed waters, hike to a breath-taking lookout, and

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